Featured Event Friday! Moonflower Herb Fest

Welcome to the first Featured Event Friday! I know, I know, "Monograph Monday", now "Featured Event Friday"? What can I say, I adore alliteration. However, this mnemonic device should help me remember to post each week...that and my gotu herb for cognitive function. 

My aim is to highlight (in detail) an upcoming herbal event each Friday so the community is more in the know of what's happening. 

So, without further ado, please read on, about the upcoming Moonflower Herb Fest, taking place next month near Austin, TX...

Created with passion by 2 Scorpios....Beth Ebbing Johnson owner of Sacred Moon Herbs and Nicole Telkes owner of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

Moonflower Herb Fest is taking place near Austin Texas, about 20 miles NW of the downtown area, near Lake Travis at a magickal place called Alma de Mujer.  Alma is sacred land, stewarding about 22 acres. To learn more about the land, visit Alma's website here. There is no lodging available on site at the fest.  This year, the festival is taking place from Friday, October 28th through Sunday afternoon, October 30th of 2016. We will have opening & closing ceremonies. Moonflower will happen rain or shine, but let's all manifest shine! 

Moonflower Herb Fest is an intention of both Beth & Nicole's to gather a blend  herbalists to share their experiences with the plant medicines, healings and  their magick. We would like to help grow our local herbal community by giving others an opportunity to meet some of  their local Texas herbalists. We want our mentors & elders we've respected & studied with over the decades to be present to share their rich & vast knowledge. We hope to offer a diversity of classes which will appeal  to both beginners and advanced  plant lovers on many levels including some of the magickal arts. We wish to honor the time of year in which the veils lifts between worlds and we pay our respects to those who have gone before us. We  will have classes & ceremonies surrounding death & the grieving journey.

We want to share the native plant medicines of Texas through classes & plant walks. We wish to create sacred space to honor our Maria Elena who means the world to both Beth & Nicole and  has spent her entire life creating community in the Austin area, including Alma de Mujer. We wish to create a larger local herbal community, honor the sacred feminine in all of us, give herbalists a place to voice their opinions & share their activists stories through panels, celebrate the new moon~new beginnings, share plant wisdoms, embrace & honor mother nature, play with the plants, experience being in ceremony, introduce Alma de Mujer to others, support local artists & practitioners, create new kindred soul relationships & nourish the old ones, grow a stronger community and to share an authentic weekend together  on sacred land.  The festival is open to all and is a substance free event.

Teachers include: Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Nicole Telkes, Beth Ebbing Johnson, Mary Ayodele, D'Coda, Donna Belk, Robin Rose Bennett, Paul Bergner, Alicia Enciso Litschi, Eshe Faizah, Margi Flint, Sally Garrett, Tiffany Harelik, Charlotte Kikel, Kathleen Maier, Brigitte Mars, Anne Merrill, Tania Neubauer, Olivia Pepper, Brandi Jo Perkins, Elizabeth Quigg, JoAnna Sanchez, Karyn Sanders, Jen Stovall, Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli, Carla Vargas-Frank, Ginger Webb, Matthew Wood and Ellen Zimmermann.

For more information, visit: www.moonflowerherbfest.com