Heather Irvine
Boston, MA

As a clinical herbalist I draw from a variety of sources; first, training at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, while enrolled at Cornell, followed by Clinical Herbalist training at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, conventional instruction in nutrition and health, frequent review of current research as well as several years managing a busy naturopathic clinic and a decade operating my own small herbal product business in which I had direct interaction with nearly all my consumers, gaining tangible information about which herbs work best for the most people, and the nuances of matching specific herbs to specific constitutions and presentations. 

The concerns I most often help people with are:

• Stress management, relaxation, sleep
• Endocrine (hormonal) balance
• Mood and mental performance
• Digestive complaints
• Immune health
• Prevention

My office and apothecary is in Somerville, MA, at The Armory (a community building hosting a café and a range of art, music, dance and fitness classes). I also see clients in downtown Boston. A slightly novel offering, I travel to local natural foods/health stores close to you, for a convenient consultation, identifying everything you need to get started. 

To contact me directly: heatherirvine@gmail.com

For more information including available times: www.givingtreebotanicals.com