Vanessa Chakour
Brooklyn, NY

"Herbalism is a portal through which we can connect more deeply to ourselves and to nature. When we develop relationship with a plants, they can be powerful partners in deepening relationship with ourselves." Vanessa’s approach to herbalism engages meditative practices to access our innate wisdom and ability to communicate with the natural world. Clients and students explore the practice of plant ally work and complimentary practices through movement, meditation and creative exploration. We work with plants found in our immediate environment.

Vanessa Chakour is the founder of Sacred Warrior whose mission is to deepen relationship with ourselves and the living earth. The concept and method of teaching evolved out of her journey of healing and teaching as an herbalist, artist, environmental activist, former pro boxer & trainer. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Sacred Warrior provides experiential workshops, holistic training, sustainabile living programs and rewilding retreats in partnership with wildlife organizations in the US and abroad. Sacred Warrior retreats provide healing adventures that raise funds and awareness for endangered species that share our ecosystem. These include Wolf retreats in So. Salem NY, Rewilding Retreats in Central America and an upcoming Herbalism and Storytelling retreat in Scotland. For more, visit