HerbRally aims to provide you with a premier resource for
discovering herbal education in all of its beautiful forms. 

To take your knowledge to the next level you must seek out experienced mentors and teachers.

From the neighborhood plant walk to the full-on herb symposium, you’ll be able to discover what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

Discover herbalism apprenticeships so you can grow and develop as an herbalist.

Enroll in one of the many excellent distance learning courses. 

A little about me…

As the Events and Outreach Coordinator for Mountain Rose Herbs, folks often ask me “what’s happenin’?” Now that there's HerbRally I can point them in the right direction. I love herbalism because I feel it’s one of the best ways for us to reconnect with nature. When I first got into herbalism, I read a lot of books and bought a lot of dried herb—which was great—but I knew there was more out there. So I registered for Columbines School of Botanical Studies in my hometown of Eugene, OR. After taking its two-year apprenticeship, I never looked at the herbs (actual plants!) and nature in the same way. My hope is that this website will serve as a conduit to your herbal education and paradigm shift. 

Herbal cheers,

Mason Hutchison