Guido Masé: Herbal Medicine in Cancer Therapy - Managing an Integrative Protocol | 107

Today’s episode was recorded at the 2018 Great Lakes Herb Faire. Thanks to Anna Fernandez for providing the audio. Please take a moment to check out their upcoming event in Chelsea, MI from September 6 - 8, 2019: LEARN MORE


Botanicals have an important role to play for the cancer patient. Their primary strength is helping to improve quality of life, lessen the chance of infection, and protect vital organs when taken alongside conventional treatment. But questions often arise: what are the potential interactions with modern treatment? What herbs have the best track record, and at what dose? What effects can herbs have in hormone-sensitive cancers? We will work through these questions and review current research to help highlight safe and effective use, and reinforce the idea that herbal medicine isn’t just helpful – it is an essential component of the cancer patient’s support plan.

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