Becoming a Practicing Herbalist with Micah McLaughlin | 109

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Great Lakes Herb Faire! This recording is from their 2018 event in Chelsea, MI.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Herb Faire and Micah McLaughlin for sharing this audio!

It can feel frightening and overwhelming to move from being an at-home herbalist to starting your practice. In this class, we'll explore possibilities in forming a business that meets your own unique needs and how to avoid the pitfalls of many startup practices. Understanding your goals as a person is the first step in launching your herbal practice. This class will be useful for those asking questions like “What kind of business do I want to create?” and “Is this business I created really serving my community and the life I want?” 

Micah McLaughlin is a naturopathic practitioner specializing in the integration of the body and mind. Micah uses the traditional naturopathic tools of sclerology, muscle testing, holistic counseling, and facial/fingernail/tongue analysis to find the root of his clients’ health complaints. With an approach of curiosity and investigation Micah looks for the energetic and emotional blocks underlying symptoms, often requesting that these be “noticed” or “examined” by his clients. Herbs, flower essences, supplements, breath work, and energy work are used as Micah helps people connect to who they truly are. Through this process clients are able to shed their limiting beliefs and embodied patterns and find healing on a physical, emotional, and often spiritual level. Micah was trained at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education and founded Continuum Healing in 2008 and co-founded the Wellness Collective GR in 2015. He further studied Western Herbalism and the Enneagram, deepening his passion to treat the whole person. Micah  has written and taught his Survival Herbalism course at various primitive skills schools throughout the country. Micah deeply believes in the healing ability of the body and inspires his clients through hope and empowerment.