Arthritis and Insomnia Case Study with Katja and Ryn from Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism | 133

In this week’s episode with Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, Katja and Ryn talk about one of their Community Herbalist students who helped her elderly neighbor with her arthritis pain and also in dealing with insomnia. We shared her thought process as she selected the herbs she wanted to formulate, as well as the work she did to narrow down the problem of insomnia so that she could choose herbs that would really help.

This case study emphasizes the ways that we can strengthen community with our herbal skills. And whether you choose to volunteer your skills for your neighbors or are looking to start a career in supporting your community professionally, the bottom line is that we need one another. When we care for one another, when we build relationships, everyone is stronger. 

Katja and Ryn are so excited about the community of learners that is growing around these video courses. Not only are all the courses taught in a self-paced video format, but they also have twice-weekly live sessions that you can log in to, so even though you are going at your own pace, you're never alone! You can chat with the whole community - and the teachers! - directly in the discussion thread that's a part of each video, too. This way, you're being supported by a vibrant community of people learning right along with you while you are supporting others in your local community with the skills you are learning!

Peggy says:

"I really, truly, madly love you guys and the community you have built with the plants and with us students. Not only that, but this all comes at the perfect time: it's been pulling me up through some darkness and has been a lifesaver. I love having something positive to focus on and I feel like the more I get herbs into my life, the more the awfulness I've been dealing with in my life is falling away."

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