How to Compose a Herbal Compound from Intake to Prescription with John Redden (Part 1) | 38

This class was recorded at the superb event: The Great Lakes Herb Faire

If you've not been and you're in the region, I encourage you to try and make it to the 2018 shindig. Here's the details:

Great Lakes Herb Faire
September 7 - 9, 2018
Cedar Lake Outdoor Center,
2500 Pierce Rd, Chelsea, Michigan

We have had three amazing Faires so far and are so looking forward to doing this again! The feedback we received from people who attended was overwhelmingly positive. People were excited to network and meet other herbalists in their communities, learn directly from teachers rather than relying on books, and walk the trails on the surrounding land meeting the herbs in person. There were many kids attending and we heard from parents and the kids themselves that they couldn’t wait to come back next year! There was amazing energy from everyone, the food was delicious and the marketplace was loaded with fantastic herbal creations.
— Anna Fernandez

I had the great fortune of attending the 2017 Faire (as a representative for Mountain Rose Herbs) and I concur on all of that. And yes, the food was phenomenal! 

If interested in purchasing recordings from the 2016 and 2017 Faires (for a great price) you can do so here>> RECORDINGS

Here's the description for the class from the website:

We will create a template that methodically takes the practitioner through the steps of a clinical visit. First we collect the information from the intake form and with the patient generate a plan to get to our therapeutic goals. We describe what is required to go from our beginning point (now) to our end point (therapeutic goal). The descriptions become action categories within body systems. We select herbs using a set of rules or selection criteria from lists (provided) and write them down. From the many herbs listed we will then organize and de-select by simple rules. Once pared down we check our formula to see that it will bring the patient to their desired goal. We do a little math and we have a prescription for health.

A huge thanks to Anna and John for sharing the class!


Download the class handouts!


John Redden is a Western Medical Herbalist with an eclectic background.

He has over thirty years experience growing and wild crafting herbs, manufacturing remedies and clinical practice. As a member and former vice-president of the Ontario Herbalists Association, he co-founded “A Celebration of Herbs”, Toronto’s largest herbal event.

For six years, John served as the editor of the Canadian Journal of Herbalism, the national herbal medical journal for professional herbalists and interested lay enthusiasts.

He is a hands-on teacher of numerous aspects of holistic herbal medicine and teaches popular and advanced classes in his workshop / laboratory and at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

John is a member of the professional advisory board for the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association and a founding author of the Canadian General Standards Board on Organic Agriculture co-authoring Canada’s laws on organic farming and manufacturing.

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