Essential Ayurveda for Women with Adena Rose | 44

Today's episode is with Ayurvedic practitioner Adena Rose. 

She goes in depth on three tools that you can use to help promote your health and well-being.

This class was originally a webinar that she hosted. A huge thanks to Adena Rose for sharing this with all of us! 

For more from Adena Rose:

If you’re not feeling your best, most-likely, you need Prana.  And each of these tools infuses the cells with Prana for the deepest nourishment.

These tools have saved my life.  I have been told by other women the same.  We have all been at the bottom of our barrel, no more to give, anxious, and barely making it through the day.  And maybe you’re there right at this moment.  Over-taxed, over-giving, giving every last drop of yourself for your family, your career, just to get by.
— Adena Rose

Adena Rose Bright is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Panchakarma therapist, professionally trained in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. 

I take the most practical, useful tools from these authentic sources and guide women in applying them to their lives through experiential courses and women’s gatherings.  I want to explore a new model of health. To help women get out of survival mode and experience healing and wholeness using food, herbs and breath as medicine.  Ayurveda, yoga, and Maya medicine have given me these tools.  I am an action taker – and feel my place is in the role of teacher.