Blue Vervain Monograph with Geraldine Lavin | 50

On today's episode Geraldine Lavin teaches us all about the blue vervain. 

She wrote an excellent monograph on this invaluable plant ally, which you can find HERE

It is generally agreed upon in the herbal community that Blue Vervain is the herb for uptight, fanatical, type A personalities. Many herbs have specific organ affinities, whereas blue vervain seems to have more of specific mental state. Thomas Easley says blue vervain is for “tight-necked, over-achieving, list-makers, who can’t ask for help.” Matthew Wood adds that Blue Vervain is for “people who make lists…of other peoples faults.” He also notes that Blue Vervain people tend to be “strong above, weak below” meaning that they can be strong in words, weak in action - very intense and judgmental of others, often holding themselves and those close to them to almost unattainable standards.
— Geraldine Lavin

For more monographs:

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Geraldine Lavin is an Herbalist and Farmer from Philadelphia, PA. She is currently based in the Hudson Valley of NY, where she manages a small herb farm and practices clinical and energetic herbalism. Suntrap is Geraldine's practice as a healer: catching and reflecting the sun to create microclimates of warmth and light around her.