CLASSES | Erika Galentin at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference

In today’s episode we’ll hear from herbalist Erika Galentin as she gives us a rundown on the classes she’ll be teaching at the upcoming Breitenbush Herbal Conference.

More from Erika:

Aromatic Distillation: A Ritual Journey of Self-Reflection (Intensive)

Aromatic distillation is alchemical in nature; it is a process that relies on the four elements of earth, air, fire, & water in the transmutation and capture of aromatic molecules from plants into hydrosols and essential oils.  The Alchemists of old believed their work to be spiritual in nature. Modern alchemical scholars have interpreted this work metaphorically; Alchemy can be considered a collection of psychic processes shared within the totality of human experiences, or what Carl Jung termed the 'collective unconscious'. In this interpretation, the 'lead into gold' of the Alchemists becomes an inspirational allegory of the work required for the refinement of Self and emanation of the Soul.

The process of Aromatic Distillation is most certainly a spiritual one, involving both ceremony and celebration. It is an attempt to foster a deeper relationship with the plant kingdom, a relationship full of metaphor, story, and personal myth, while simultaneously developing deeper relationships with ourselves and our unconscious. In this regard, each distillation provides a platform for self-discovery and exploration of the natural world. 

In this intensive workshop you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of aromatic distillation and participate in the process as a ritual journey of self-reflection. Participants are encouraged to bring with them stones, crystals, or personal symbols / items to contribute to the process and support each participant’s unique inner journey. Participants are also encouraged to bring a journal for self-reflection while the distillation is taking place. (Depending on #: Participants will be able to take a sample of the hydrosol home).

Shame, Inflammation, and our Herbal Allies: Unlocking the Inner Pillory

Join Clinical Herbalist, Erika Galentin,  of Sovereignty Herbs on an exploration of the physiology of shame, what is known about its proinflammatory influence over physical wellbeing, and herbs and aromatics that may support navigating shame and its often treacherous terrain.

Topics to be covered include:

- Framing the emotions and experiences of shame within the context of one's perceptions of physical health & wellbeing.

- Exploring what is known about the physiology of shame and its proinflammatory influence over the   human body.

- A discussion on the relationship between inflammation & common health problems.

- Herbs and aromatics that may support the physical body, psyche, and spiritual needs of those who are navigating shame and its often treacherous terrain.

Demystifying Herb-Drug Interactions

Many people get very frightened when they think about herbs and drugs interacting with each other. Some even may feel defensive about the idea that pharmaceutical medicine so easily puts herbs in the hot seat. In this class you will be introduced to the means by which herbs and drugs may interact with each other, for better or for worse. We will also be learning skills for easier interpretation of the scientific research investigating these interactions in order to discern their clinical relevance.

What you will learn:

- Introduction to pharmacological terms

- Pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic mechanisms

- Which herbs & drugs present the highest risk

- Other client-centered risk factors

- How to avoid herb-drug interactions

- Skills to evaluate herb-drug interaction research

- How to discern clinical relevance