Green Path Herb School

Imagine you are walking through the forest near your home. As you look around you, you start noticing the plants growing nearby. Imagine knowing each of these plants; understanding how to use them, when to harvest them and which parts to use. Envision being able to make these plants into medicines such as salves, oils, pills, syrups and tinctures. How would it feel to help others use these herbal medicines for healing purposes?

These are the skills of an herbalist. Are you ready to follow the path less traveled? Are you interested in deepening your connection with plants and the earth? It is time to get excited about plants and awaken your passion for natural healing!

Green Path Herb School empowers students to use medicinal plants for themselves, their families and as professional herbalists. We offer several herb programs designed for the beginning student to the advanced practitioner. Join us on a journey of exploration of medicinal herbs and natural remedies! Students foster a life long relationship with herbs as we explore the healing power of plants and the study of herbal medicine.

We offer classes in Missoula, Montana and have upcoming online classes as well. Our offerings include community herb classes, herbal workshops, wildcrafting trips, online herb certificate classes and programs, a school for training professional herbalists, herb books and lots of free herbal information!

Our three main courses are Herbal Foundations an Herbalist Certificate Program and a Clinical Program.