Hawthorn Monograph with Heather Irvine | 36

On today's episode Heather Irvine teaches us all about the hawthorn tree. 

She wrote an excellent monograph on hawthorn, which you can find HERE

Hawthorn is one of those country herbs whose leading quality one might at first describe as benevolent. It is much more powerful though!  A great tree, low and broad in stature, it occurs wild in edge-lands of landscapes or occasionally planted for beauty, especially with respect to its generous white blossoms or deep red fruit in the fall and winter. It serves food and sanctuary to wildlife. Overzealous thorns protect birds and smaller critters from those larger ones which receive a memorable gauge and at best a pause to lick one’s wounds! In and around a Hawthorn’s understory, clumsy human types get so focused on the prize… zeroing in on more flowers or more berries, faster, receiving a poke followed by a clumsier startled retraction. Birds and squirrels laugh at us for sure!
— Heather Irvine

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