In today’s episode, we’ll hear Erika Galentin talk about Sovereignty Herbs’ exciting new offering!

Introducing an empowering journey of herbal discovery…

…focusing on a single herb at a time. Each month you will be mailed a Discovery Box full of a variety of herbal and aromatic extracts to explore as well as seeds or the living plant itself to grow in your gardens or window sills! Through prompts from a beautiful downloadable journal, live online class time, and a private forum, you will be guided through simple techniques to hone your senses and develop intuitive yet learned relationships with herbs. Three and six month options available for our 2019 program.

Monthly mysteries delivered to your door…

“I often tell my students that they must forget everything they think they know about the plant we are studying…at least while the study process is taking place. I even ask them not to call the plant by its human-given name, English or otherwise. For even in that second, when we give a plant a name, a label, we inevitably stop listening.” - Erika Galentin, Clinical Herbalist & Co-creator at Sovereignty Herbs


Three Discovery Boxes: At the beginning of the month you receive a box containing one mystery plant in several forms. The name of the plant won’t be revealed until the second or third week of class, after you have had the opportunity to work with the Discovery Box contents. Though the contents may vary, each box will contain elements of the following:

  • The Matter: the dried herb

  • The Soul: aromatic preparation, hydrosol, or essential oil

  • The Medicine: syrup, cordial, or tincture

  • The Life: seed packet or live plant

  • The Ritual: flower essence, framable photo, or incense

A Beautiful Workbook/Journal: This downloadable pdf journal guides and supports you through the discovery process using Planta Dyadica methods. It also provides a way of documenting your experiences and growing knowledge base. By the end of your program you will have created a profoundly beautiful record of your (un)learning process.

Private Facebook Group: You will be given access to the private Planta Dyadica Facebook group where you can interact with other plant lovers in the program, share your insights, and communicate directly with your instructors, Brooke and Erika. Several times a week discussion and journaling prompts will be shared to assist you in building a relationship with the plant in your Discovery Box. We will also be hosting two live events through this group.

Three Interactive Online Events:

Two Facebook Live Events: Join us for our first day of class as we unwrap our Discovery Boxes and review the materials. We will walk you through what to expect and where to start. In week two we gather together with our tea mugs and compare our findings in a live tea tasting.

One Live Webinar: During the third week of the month, join us for a live one-hour webinar where we reveal the name of the plant as well as discuss herbal actions and uses, relevant research, and other facts surrounding the plant’s biology, ecology, preferred growing conditions, and ethical harvesting techniques. Downloadable handouts included!

One Awesome Community Zine: At the end of each three month cohort, we will be publishing a zine that highlights everyone's experiences and ideas. As there are a variety of creative ways of exploring the plants, we hope that the zine will be full of drawings, paintings, essays, poetry, written word, collage, and other expressive insights about the plants we studied together. Each zine will only be published once and will be mailed to the participants as a community memoir and keepsake of their experience.

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