Plant Medicine and Sexual Trauma with Amanda Dilday | 28


Today's episode is from a webinar that herbalist Amanda Dilday recorded last month as an offering for #MeToo.

You can find the original webinar on her website Alchemilla

Amanda also wrote a book called Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine and Sexual Trauma.

This is not a protocol or a prescription. Rather, it is something of a memoir, a healing memoir, an herbal memoir, a story. 

Well, friends. Here it is: last night’s class on plant medicine and sexual trauma. Just send it out into the world, and pray for it to be blessed. Pray for protection and for healing. Pray for light and for truth.

I know there will be more classes. There was so much more to say—even about these plants, and there were so many more plants! Gentle, powerful support is all around us.

It’s a simple beginning (and quickly put together), but yesterday, I knew in my very heart that I needed to quickly put some simple tools into people’s hands. I had to begin.

Some plants from last night’s class include violet, ghost pipe, marjoram, and blueberries—to name a few. <3
— Amanda Dilday


I am a wife, mother, writer, teacher, and student of the plants.  My roots are in the Appalachian Mountains.  My home rests at the foothills of the Blue Ridge. 

Mountains are in my heart, and when hearth and home aren’t looking, I slip away and get lost in the woods. A lover of burdock and books, tinctures and teas, I am most at home under a blue sky with my bare feet rooted to the earth.  

Adversity brought me to the plants.  A walk through the valley of the shadow of death led me to green pastures, and every green herb.  I began my herbal studies at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine in Virginia.  My healing path has been pleasant and sweet, sprinkled all along the way with generous, green teachers. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and He has filled my hands to overflowing with green gifts. Gifts meant to be given to others.

Coming to know the plants has changed me profoundly--and blessed me beyond measure.  My prayer is that the same will be true for you.  May we see Him in all that is.  May His life flow through us.